Why this Series?

In 2000, James began leading a workshop in churches around the country called SafePlace/SafeProcess Workshop to help churches understand how their church can be a place of Help, Hope and Healing for people from the hurts of life. Along the way James recognized that churches were not involved in ministering to women who had experienced sexual trauma in their lives. He realized that women needed a tool to help them get that conversation started in a safe environment. He was moved by God to create a video series that could become that tool.

James had no experience in film production or direction. What James had was decades of experience leading a church that did minister to survivors of sexual trauma and a passion to see churches take on this incredibly important ministry.

As always, when God gives a vision, He provides the resources. The team came together quickly and went around America interviewing women on this subject. They met women who were survivors and had walked through the healing process – women who could speak from personal experience. These women were now in professional ministry to other survivors so they could speak from professional, clinical and practical experience. The result is the Fearless Series for Women.

James field tested the series with ninety women in his own church. The response was overwhelming. After the initial Series, thirty of those ninety women who went through the video series signed up to go into the follow-up group with the workbook created for this purpose. These women – most of who had never told anyone about their abuse – began the journey of healing from the wounds of sexual trauma.

We believe the Fearless Series for Women is a tool that can help Christian women everywhere move beyond the pain of the trauma in their lives.