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Fearless Series for Men

The Fearless Series for Men is designed to be a tool for Christian men to get the conversation started about childhood sexual, physical or emotional trauma and how it has affected their lives. It consists of a 5-session video rental, study guide and a follow up workbook intended for individuals wanting to dive deeper into healing. The Video Series features 20 Christian men who are survivors and some have taken on professions who help survivors of past trauma.

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What the Series Covers

  • Trauma Happens – sexual, physical and emotional trauma is rampant

  • The Struggles Real – how the trauma of childhood follows us and affects everything we do

  • Shame Shame Shame – the vicious cycle that tears us and our relationships apart

  • The Church Can Help – christian men do struggle and having a “safe church” can help

  • Healing Can Happen – healing happens in community with others

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From photos to trailers, here you can find digital resources that will help you understand what the Fearless Series for Women is all about.

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With over 40 years of pastoral experience, Dr. James Reeves is known for leading City On a Hill Church in Fort Worth, Texas since 1984. Along the way he recognized that churches were not involved in ministering to women who had experienced sexual trauma in their lives. That was when he realized that women needed a tool to help them get that conversation started in a safe environment. He decided to create a video series that could become that tool.

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