Fearless Series for Men Video Rental (For use w/ Study Guide)


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Series Rental for streaming – 8 Week Access to Video Series

PLEASE NOTE: We have priced the SERIES affordably for church or home use. We allow 8 weeks access in case of missing a week or giving the Leader time to preview.

The Fearless Series for Men is a 5-session video series rental designed to accompany the Fearless Series for Men Study Guide. (The Workbook is for 2nd followup group.)

The presenters on the video series are Christian Men who are survivors themselves, and are now professionals in the field of helping other survivors move forward in healing.

The digital series rental should be the only financial outlay for the Church. We have found that it’s important for the participants to pay for their own study guides. This will give each participant some investment in the process to actually do the work.

In the Series Men will learn about: 

*The widespread problem of trauma in America and how to define abuse

*What happens when men experience physical, emotional and/or sexual trauma

*The effects of shame on day to day life

*How the church can be a bridge to healing and restoration in this often tabu subject in men’s groups

*The journey ahead to healing and restoration

The Fearless Series For Men Workbook, is designed for men who want to move into a deeper group experience of Help, Hope and Healing, after the video series and study guide has been completed.

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