Life Change For Every Christian


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Have you ever wondered how your emotional health has impacted where you are in your life? Well the short answer is that it affects everything including all of your relationships. It even affects your relationship with God. You are only capable of being as close to God and others as your emotional/spiritual health allows you to be. Are you tired of praying that God will change things and it seems nothing changes? This workbook can help lead you to the answers.

James Reeves has taken the 12 steps and driven them deep into their biblical roots. This allows you to apply these steps – through this workbook – to a path that will allow you to begin healing from your past emotional wounds. Walking through this process allows you to finally identify those things that hold you back from being able to move forward in a healthy way and put brokenness in the past. This path will lead you  to a greater health both spiritually and relationally. The Life Change for Every Christian workbook is intended to be done in a small group format but is also useful if two or more are gathered and take time to discuss answers written in the pages from your heart. Life Change is a practical tool to help you to build, expand, and broaden your emotional and spiritual health.

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