Refuge – How “Hospital Church” Ministry Will Change Your Church Forever


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“It’s not just giving a challenge to all churches everywhere to get real about the emotional health leading to spiritual health, it’s giving all leaders everywhere the actual ideas and tools to make their church a REFUGE church; a place where any messed up soul (read: read everyone) can feel safe, get healing, and then pass it along.”
—from the foreword by Stephen Arterburn.

It doesn’t happen every day that a book this timely is birthed and so experientially written. James Reeves has followed God’s call to build a church that echoes Christ call to everyone who is tired and weighed down. In this book, James calls your church to be a church that provides a place for rest. Refuge first emphasizes the benefits of a “Hospital Church” ministry, second the basis of why to change, third the basics of how to change, fourth the big issue all churches will face, and fifth and last beginning the change. if this book is adopted and championed by a congregation, it will see the change that Christ has called all churches to be.

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