For Women



The Series is designed for women who have and have not experienced sexual trauma.

Women will be informed about the prevalence and effects of sexual abuse as well as learn how to speak to their children about their bodies. They will learn how to equip them to recognize what is appropriate and inappropriate touch. For survivors, the series can be the first step in their healing journey.


Since statistics show the average age of sexual abuse is 9, this is very much an appropriate topic for Junior High and High School students. They will learn about prevention and how having discussions about this topic is important for themselves and friends who have experienced this type of trauma. For those who have had this experience, the healing process is introduced early in life before potential devastation can happen. A training video is provided under the training tab for how to implement the Series with teens.


Men need to understand the devastating effects of sexual trauma on a woman. Husbands of survivors can be equipped to understand, support, and help their wives in the healing process. This information will also help fathers in their ability to speak to their sons about appropriate and inappropriate behavior and can help support their daughters if they have experienced this trauma.